Streamline Your Bar, Raise Your Glass to Profits

Reduce The Crowd at The Counter

Easy Resto provides the Speed and efficiency required to keep your bar or pub performing better during busy times by the use of Tabs & Mobile Devices.

Order takers can spend more time with the customers and also simplify backend work thus improving service levels .

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Advance Table Reservations

EasyResto POS has the advance table booking option which makes it easy to reserve specific tables or areas of your bar or pub for specific groups for special occasions.

Split The Bill Without Any Pain

“Separate bills, please.“

EasyResto can divide and calculate separate checks in a way that’s easy for your staff and your customers. Splitting the bill among the customer takes only a few taps.

Table Transfers

Move around table orders as per preference of the guests.

Production Cost Reports

EasyResto helps you break down your total costs to see what was spent on food, beverages and alcohol and helps you achieve greater efficiency.

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