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Manage online orders

Eliminate the need for multiple tabs/screens to manage orders from various food aggregators during peak times. Through Easy Resto, all orders placed through any aggregator directly arrive at the POS. Bills and KOT are printed immediately when an order is accepted, and the POS itself may be used to mark food as ready.

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Dedicated online-ordering platform

Enable a personalised online ordering system for commission-free orders from your cloud kitchen. With customised discounts and offers, you can fully control your online orders. With a strong internet presence, you can minimize your reliance on other providers.

Multiple virtual brands

You can manage different brands from the same system. You have a different tab open for each brand that is monitoring incoming orders. With Easy Resto, all orders incomingĀ from all aggregators for each brandĀ can be processed from a single POS without incurring any additional fees.

Cloud kitchen inventory management

While monitoring vendors for your central and branch kitchens, keep an eye on your food costs. Receive automated reminders when your stock levels are low to ensure that you never run out of crucial raw materials. Create meaningful reports to monitor the flow of products across brands or kitchens.

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