Cloud-powered POS

Effortless restaurant management with a comprehensive cloud solution focused on efficiency

Easy Resto's all-in-one cloud-based restaurant POS system will help you boost revenue, delight guests, and optimize restaurant operations.

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Easy to use billing and collection screen

Easy Resto's Billing Software is extremely user-friendly, allowing you to customize only the functions that your biller or cashier requires on a regular basis.

This avoids needless clutter from diverting your billers and cashiers, allowing them to complete bills and KOTs more quickly.

Dynamic Menus

Special instructions for a dish, interesting offers, customizable menus, dynamic pricing, and much more may be added to your menu to better serve your consumers.

Use Easy Resto's special instructions to create preset notes that save the waiter's time and inform the customer whether certain customizations are available.

Quickly classify your menu items, as well as create variants and add-ons with different pricing for each.

Kitchen-wise kot printing

Different portions of your kitchen may be designated for different cuisines. You may configure several KOT printers and assign categories to each printer independently using Easy Resto.

When you print an order for ice cream and Dosa, the Dosa KOT is printed in the Indian kitchen and the ice cream KOT is printed in the Dessert kitchen.

Multi-terminal billing

If you own a large restaurant, you may need more than one terminal to handle the high order traffic.

The offline sync technology of Easy Resto ensures that all billing machines are constantly in sync with one another. The bill numbers are sequential, so you can punch a KOT from one machine and print a bill from another.

Offline architecture

We realise how crucial billing is for a restaurant.

As a result, we designed Easy Resto POS to work even when your internet connection is interrupted. When your connection is active, all data that has been kept locally is automatically synced to the cloud.

Configurable tax and discount

Quickly establish and adjust the various taxes charged at your restaurant based on your services, location of operation, or any tax changes made by the government. The POS also allows you to add or remove discounts as needed.

Manage online orders

Accept Talabat / Deliveroo and other Online Aggregator Orders right on the POS without switching between tabs or applications. Your biller can accept orders as soon as they are received, with no mistakes, and print bills and KOTs simultaneously.

Daily reports

Access end-of-day reports; item-wise, category-wise, hall-wise summary reports, and tax and discount reports with a single click.

Choose a date range for your reports and print or send an email copy of the same

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