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Oversee all your
restaurant operations on a unified platform

Comprehensive POS to effortlessly manage your business from anywhere

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Seamless food aggregator integrations and your own online ordering interfaces

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Automate your restaurant’s back-end operations from order preparation to delivery

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Easily manage stock, raw material purchases, cost, recipes etc.,

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Monitor sales, orders, finances and operations in real time from anywhere

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Why Easy Resto?

  • Effortless
  • Comprehensive
  • Support
  • Simple to use, simple to manage

    Strike the right balance with our POS, a straightforward and independent interface for waiters, captains and cashiers yet an extensive range of powerful features for the managers and owners

Why owner's prefer Easy Resto?

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Its very good, we are happy about this software.
Belge Restaurant
Video Thumbnail
We are using it for more than 3 years and for more than 120 tables. The system is good and support is excellent
Taksim Turkish Restaurant
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Mr Ahmad
Its very easy to use , the IT team having good response if have any issues.
Al Farooj Fresh Restaurant
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Mr Salim
The Software is nice and very fast to use. Customer screen is very helpful
Yebala Lugma Cafe
Video Thumbnail
Easy Master is very convinient, very easy to use. I like it.
Chorros Cafe
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Mr Shoukath
Easy Resto is having very good service from the team, we had no issues by using Easy Resto. We are happy with it.
Al Haaj Bundoo Khan Restaurant
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Faraz Ahmed
Easy Resto software is very easy to understand and customer service is very good.
Piero Italian Restaurant

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Get honest (non-salesy) answers to your top questions about switching to Easy Resto

? What are products offered by Castle IT Solutions?

EasyResto - An Efficient Restaurant POS System.

EasySell - An Intelligent Retail POS System.

? What are the key features of Easy Resto?

  • Table side ordering
  • Floor Plan and Table management
  • Menu Management
  • Staff Management
  • Kitchen Display System
  • Inventory Management
  • Recipe Management
  • Reports and Analytics

? How do I buy Easy Resto POS system?

Buy Online on –

By Call Centre – 04–3520081

? Does Easy Resto POS system integrate with delivery aggregators?

Through Urban Piper, EasyResto is integrated with the below delivery aggregators

  • Talabat
  • Deliveroo
  • NoonFoods
  • Careem
  • EasyEasy
  • Radyes
  • Chat Food

? Do you charge a fee for customer support?

No. Our customer success team is available via phone, chat, and email 24/7 (including all holidays) at no additional cost.

? How user friendly is your software and what kind of training is offered.

Easy Resto and Easy Sell and very simple and easy to use solutions. We provide indepth training during installation and our support is always a call away for any training or support requirements.

? Can your software handle multiple locations and menu items?

Yes! we can handle multiple locations simultaneously with a single click with a centralized dashboard to monitor each location online. Menu items can be mapped and managed through a single log in from a central location.

? Does the software have a purchase module?

Yes ! Items can be purchased either centrally or from different stores.

? Can you manage central kitchen and distribution across locations.

Yes! We can manage production at a central location and distribute both raw materials & finish products across branch outlets.

? How is your software technical support and maintenance

Our technical and maintenance staff available from 8am – 12am

? Can your software handle real time reporting and data analytics

Real time data analytics is available as our Software is based on the cloud solutions