Budget Friendly Solution for Fast-Paced Food Truck Success

Bill quicker, serve faster

With Easy Resto, avoid long customer queues and waiting times. Using our simple interface, quickly punch customer orders during peak hours, ensuring quick service.

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Station-wise Kot & KD

Quickly send a KoT based on the order to the appropriate station. Increase efficiency using our kitchen display system to combine items from various orders and decrease delivery time

Manage online orders

Manage incoming and outgoing orders with just a few simple clicks and keep track of all your online orders on one screen. You may quickly update the menu and prices on all of the online aggregators by using our order management tool.

Custom food combos & variations

Quickly modify an item combo based on your customer's preference. Make changes to the size of a meal, add a new item into a combo and many more customisations, through Easy Resto POS to delight your customers

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