Inventory Management

Comprehensive and efficient restaurant inventory management

Gain total control over your inventory and purchases - manage recipes and food costs, create reorder levels for raw materials, raise purchase requests to your suppliers, receive raw materials against an invoice, multi-branch stock transfers, and more.

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Manage stock centrally

Manage stock directly from your main branch/central kitchen. You can send material requests to your kitchen and track the conversion of raw materials into semi-prepared foods.

Purchase Management

Create and send POs directly to your suppliers, raise material requests based on reorder levels, receive goods against invoices, and record inbound stock receipts, enabling a comprehensive view of your supply chain.

Seamless stock requests and transfers

Manage raw material requests/transfers from storage to your kitchen and branches. Easily transfer or receive finished items between branches when the stock is low or when a customer requests a high volume.

Effectively manage recipes

Define recipes in the system, and the software will automatically reduce the exact quantity of raw materials when you invoice for an item. The system is adaptive enough to handle multi-stage recipes, enabling you to handle even partially prepared items.

Configure stock alerts

With customisable notifications that notify you when your supply is close to being exhausted, you can ensure that you never run out of important items. Raise purchase requests based on re-order levels once a stock is nearing depletion.

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