Kitchen Display System

Automate your restaurant's backend

Maintain control of your kitchen's operations by making sure that orders are placed and fulfilled with ease. Simplify table-to-kitchen communications, ensure food preparation times, and improve the speed of service, using Easy Resto's Kitchen Display Systems.

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Category-wise KoT display

Your restaurant may have different kitchens for different cuisines/categories. Through Easy Resto, route orders or items in your order to their respective, predefined kitchens and increase your food preparation and service efficiency.

Dynamic information display and controls

To ensure prompt order fulfilment, keep track of completed orders across kitchen stations using an overview of order tokens. Let your kitchen staff quickly and accurately track the completion of each item/order by clicking or tapping each one once it has been prepared.

Ease your operations

Our KDS helps you track the availability of food at your restaurant, enables quick order transfer from the counters/tables to the kitchen and smartly classifies orders into menu categories so that items are displayed at pre-defined kitchen stations.

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